Plastic Bags Invade the Runway As Sea Levels Rise

18 Sep 2017


"It would be wrong to start anywhere but with the human-size Tiffany pouch," we declared last season when Vaquera sent out a butt-exposing dress shaped like the high-end jewelry brand's iconic seafoam drawstring bag. There were plenty of places to start at the rising N.Y.C. collective's equally irreverent spring/summer 18 show, but no Tiffany & Co. bags in sight. Instead a model stormed out in a disheveled pajama shirt clutching a paper bag from Amazon Prime and plastic ones from Key Food. It's not fashion's first dalliance with local grocery chains — last year a bikini-clad Gwyneth Paltrow got all up in the chicken aisle at Associated Supermarket for Harper's Bazaar.

Fashion Week hasn't historically been a good time for opponents of packaging waste. Fancy cardboard invitations start flooding desks weeks in advance, despite the advent of Fashion GPS. When Public School's invite arrived as a red plastic bag printed with the brand's show info, at least one person called out the brand on Twitter for being a menace to the environment. Aren't Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow too smart to make waste for no reason? Yes, they are — the duo's show was a clever take on consumerism and the lengths we go to preserve products. Jordan 15 sneakers came wrapped in plastic bags, and plastic-coated tailoring implored us to "Come Again."



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